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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Diving in Australia!

I recently went on an amazing trip to Australia to dive both the Great Barrier and the Ningaloo Reefs. I did a piece about the trip for Huffington Post.

People have been asking where I stayed and ate, what adventure outfits I used, and what I packed. So here's the rundown!

How to Get There-

Where to Stay-





Hamilton Island:

Where to Eat -



What to do:

Brisbane Greeters – This is a totally free service. You email them and tell them what you want to see and they do everything in their power to arrange a guide who can show you the town!
Rockingham Wild Adventures – They will pick you up in Perth and drive you to Rockingham for the Wild Dolphin Swim.
Story Bridge Adventure Climb – You can get info and your tickets here. Reservations required.
RiverLife – For kayaking, segwaying, rock climbing, and other Brisbane adventures
Gallery of Modern Art – For a little culture, when you need a break from all of the adventuring.
Cruise Whitsundays – This is where you can check out ReefWorld and the ReefSleep.
Ocean Eco Adventures – This outfit will take you out in search of Whale Sharks to swim with.
Ningaloo Whale Shark N Dive – For diving the Navy Pier or going on a Whale Shark Adventure.

What to bring:

Gear – As a woman, I’m a huge proponent of AquaLung’s Details line because it’s actually designed for women. I brought along my mask, snorkel, and fins. But left home my wet suit. Too hard to travel with. 

I also was very glad to have my SPIBelt for valuables. Although it’s not designed for underwater, it is waterproof. So it was awesome to wear to the diving (or other adventure) site with my ID, money, and phone inside and then throw in my bag when I’m diving. I used my SPIBelt messenger bag for city touring when I wanted a little more space.

Things to do – As a diver, there is lots of time spent in remote or technologically disconnected places, so I brought along my Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 wireless speaker and my favorite Eccolo journal. It’s not waterproof. But a Ziploc bag did the trick.

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