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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Hook and The House

I am finally on the East Coast! I can hardly believe it. It's been a year since I've been back in Virginia. I had a great time last night doing a reading at Writer House in Charlottesville. The Hook was generous enough to do a really nice piece about "Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage" and about the event. Thank you to Burnley Hayes and all of my new Writer House friends for having me.

And I also had a fabulous time in Austin, Texas on Wednesday appearing at Book People. Thank you so much to Karen Kreps for inviting me. It was an amazing turn-out. Interestingly, about 80% of the crowd raised their hands when Karen asked the group if anyone was in a polyamorous relationship. It was great fun to be part of the "out" majority for a change! Thank you also to Allison for blogging about it for her site WomenBloom.

Lots of radio and print media coming up, so be on the lookout!


  1. Hi Jenny,

    The BookPeople event was quite interesting for this straight, monogamous gal. I'd done a couple pieces for WomenBloom about it. I can't quite decide if it just seems like a more popular lifestyle than I would have ever guessed because I'm in Austin, or whether truly, there are more polys than one might suspect.

    Either way, it has made me see relationships and sex much differently!

    Thanks for a fascinating glimpse into the 'open' world!

  2. Hey Jenny,

    Want to thank you again for writing this book and working so hard to promote it - you're single-handedly generating more positive PR for polyamory than years worth of "activist" work were able to achieve. Just did a search on "polyamory" on Google, and found a bunch of positive references to your book tour appearances. Very cool!


  3. Jenny,

    Your book is a gift--to women, especially. It took enormous courage to write a book like this, to speak your truth. I'm getting fat it's such good food for thought.

    If the paper doesn't refuse to run my report :-), the item should come out in the Statesman August 10, Books section.

    Best of luck to you.


  4. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate your support. It means a lot to me.