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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Guide goodies - Baby Belle Carriers

Carriers have come a long way since I had a baby nearly thirteen years ago. (Wow. That seems weird to write.) Anyway, Baby Belle makes carriers that are great looking and they are a great way for parent and child (or caretaker and child) to bond.

I think the leopard is my favorite. (It's even furry!) It's also easy to use, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of baby carriers. And both the baby and the person wearing the carrier will enjoy the kind of comfort and support that not all carriers can boast.

And if the leopard's too much for you. They have all kinds of simple solids too. But, the truth is, as pretty as they are, the pattern will be the last thing on your mind, it's all about the structural design when it comes to Baby Belle Carriers.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gift Guide goodies - Katydid boots

I love my Uggs. But I also love these new boots from Katydid. First of all, much better price point. Second of all, a little glam. And third, they're as comfy as their Australian compadres.

They come with a variety of different embellishments. And they are super snuggly. So many people are sporting the plain variety these days, Katydid's version are a great diversion.

Get them for any girl on your list who likes to turn heads as much as she likes to stay warm and cozy!

Gift Guide goodies - Q Tonic and Q Ginger

Sometimes it seems strange to mix high quality vodka with grocery store tonic water. It seems like a disservice to the poor vodka, you know?

Plus, I am a sucker for great package design. So, Q Tonic and Q Ginger had me at hello. It looks great and tasted even better. And even the best spirits are delighted to share a glass with it.

And it's tasty enough to drink alone too, of course. But I'm not much for tonic when it flies solo. It makes a great gist for anyone who enjoys a little bubble in their glass. 

Gift Guide goodies - Isabelle Grace Jewelry

These are so sweet I just had to share them with you. Isabelle Grace jewelry makes customized pieces that will melt nearly any girl's heart.

Like necklaces with little charms that can be personalized with a name or an initial. And you can add as many as you like, representing your kids or significant other or anyone else you want to carry with you close to your heart.

I especially like the Signature Mini Tags and the sweet little heart charm that they come with. Every time the wearer hears them jingling around her neck, she’ll remember how much you and everyone else loves her. 

Isabelle Grace also does a variety of non-personalized pieces if that's more your speed. But no matter who you are or who's on your gift list, you're likely to find something that will make you smile...

And isn't that exactly what a gift should do?

Gift guide goodies - Revolution foods

If you're looking for a great stocking stuffer for a great little one, you'll want to check out Revolution Foods' Mash Ups, Yo' Drops, Jammy Sammys, and Grammy Sammys. The packaging is so cute and these things are yummy.

And if you think they're not for the grown-up set, think again. In fact, if you're a Weight Watchers fan - I myself am a Lifetimer - the packs of Yo' Drops are zero points. Z-E-R-O. And they are really tasty. Kind of like dehydrated Dippin' Drops.

They melt and your mouth and have a natural zing, which makes sense since they're made of 100% real yogurt and fresh fruit. I didn't try the mash-ups, but the Sammys were delish too. Perfect little snacks to stash in your handbag or desk.

And, of course, the young set dig them too. That is who they're for after all. So, skip the sweets and fill your kid's stocking with something that will satisfy their sweet tooth and your desire to feed them right!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide goodies - the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men...

So, today is December 7, which should be day 7. Instead it's day 2. Better late than never, right? And this gift idea is definitely worth the wait.

This thing is so cool. It's totally flat until you're ready to use it, and then you pop it up into an arch. It turns on as soon as it takes shape. Then, when you're done using it, you simply pop it back down and off it goes.

It feels great in your hand and is awesome for tucking into your bag. I happen to love the Touch Mouse too. It has a great feel as well. But there's just something so cool and even a little architectural about the Arc.

So, if you're not really a touch pad kind of person or it's getting on your nerves, this would be a great addition to your holiday gift list. And it's perfect to buy for anyone who appreciates form as much as function!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Holiday Gift Countdown

I thought it might be fun to feature one gift a day for the month of December to help you with your holiday shopping and to help you spend whatever holiday cash you may be lucky enough to receive!

For the first gift, I hope you'll pardon the shameless self-promotion, but I'd like to suggest my book. Although it's called, "Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage," open marriage is only one part of what the book is really about.

The true focus of the book is love and relationships. All kinds of love and relationships.

So, grab one for yourself. Get it for your friend or spouse or partner. Heck, buy one for your mom. If nothing else, it's sure to spice up any book club or water cooler conversation.

Check in tomorrow for the next gift. (And, don't worry, this will be the only bit of shameless self-promotion you'll have to suffer!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looks pretty cool... Drift HD 1080p High Definition Camera

Have any of you ever tried out this camera. It looks amazing! Would love to have a POV camera like this for all of my adventure travel! Oh Santa...

Monday, November 28, 2011

My latest for the Dallas Observer

Don't miss my story at the Dallas Observer Mixmaster blog about the new shark exhibit at the Museum of Nature & Science. Amazing!

You're going to need a bigger boat...

My new fave flats!

The boots in question

 My girlfriend wants these and my husband wants the guy version. Has Frye put something in the water...

Monday, June 20, 2011


Thought this was pretty cool so I wanted to share it with you. It's a chance to help provide Tickets for Troops to soldiers from over 20 bases located throughout Texas.

FC Dallas hoping to fill the majority of the park with active duty, reserve, and veteran troops and their families for their match on July 2nd at Pizza Hut Park.

With your support, we can show our continued appreciation to these brave men and women. 

LEVEL 1 = $100
LEVEL 2 = $250
LEVEL 3 = $500
   LEVEL 4 = $1,000
   LEVEL 5 = $3,000

All donations are tax deductible
FC Dallas foundation is a 501-c3 not for profit

FC Dallas vs Columbus Crew
Battle for the pioneer cup
Saturday, July 2
8:00pm Pizza Hut Park
For questions please call 888-FCD-Goal
Or visit


Thursday, May 26, 2011

BB Design Fine Furnishings Massive Memorial Day Sale

It's the biggest warehouse sale they've ever had at their Frisco location.  In fact, it's actually two huge sales in one location.

Sale #1 - Everything in the warehouse sale is marked up to 90% off.  The sale will be held Friday 5/27, Saturday 5/28 & Memorial Day.  The sale hours will be during normal business hours 10:00AM-5:00PM.  Doors will open at 10:00 AM. 

Big time markdowns on name brands like Century, Hickory Chair, Maitland Smith, John Richard, Sherrill, Taylor King, Henredon & more! 

**Due to limited space, no strollers or young children permitted.  No refunds, returns, or exchanges.  Everything is sold as is.  Prices are non-negotiable.  Cash & Carry.

Sale #2  - All regularly priced inventory will also be an additional 10% off IBB's already competitive prices!

For more info visit them on the web.

And, like them on Facebook.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Heart Attack Grill: Killing customers and laughing all the way to the bank

The food is free if you're over 350 pounds. The burgers are named the single, double, triple, and quadruple bypass. The shakes are made of butterfat. If you think it sounds like some Hollywood conceived nightmare, think again. It's the real thing. It's the Heart Attack Grill.

First opened in Arizona in 2005, it opened Friday, May 13 (how apropos) in Dallas, TX. Some call it a gimmick. But it's more than that. It's a scary invitation to eat yourself to the grave and people are signing up for the ride.

The "brains" behind this operation is Jon Bosso, who calls himself Dr. Jon. He used to own a series of Jenny Craig's. He wanted to make changes to help his clients but was not allowed by corporate. So he flew the coop and open HAG. He claims that the place is somehow shock therapy to help people see just how bad overeating can be.

I not only doubt that. I don't believe it all all. My guess is that there's more money in catering to people's weaknesses than trying to help them overcome. Not that the latter is his responsibility. But do we really want to contribute to the obesity epidemic in any way? Perceived or otherwise?

Customers have to wear hospital gowns. The waitresses are dressed like nurses on a porn set. And Bosso is dressed as a doc, of course. There's a blood pressure machine and a massive scale in the restaurant, as well as a wheelchair. Why the wheelchair you ask?

Apparently if you finish a tripe or quadruple bypass burger, a "private" nurse will wheel you to your car.

Also on the menu are unfiltered cigarettes and flatliner fries. Fried in lard, but of course. It might be funny if these things were on the menu but no one actually ordered them. But that's all that's on the menu and people certainly are ordering them.

I suppose Mr. Bosso has the right to open the Heart Attack Grill. But it sure would be nice if folks felt at least the teensiest bit of social responsibility. Does anyone really need to be adding to the world's problems?

After meeting Bosso, I feel even more sure of the insidiousness of this enterprise. The man is not jovial about what he's created. He's perfectly pleased with himself.  Smug, in fact.

And there's something almost haughty and self-possessed about the guy as he strides through the aisles praising the massive customers. You can almost see him rubbing his hands together, throwing his head back, and letting out an evil "Ah ha ha ha" like some character from an old B horror film.

It all comes down the question of whether you use your powers for good rather than evil. You have to wonder when the last time was that the guy took a long, hard look in the mirror. I'd like to think that if he knew this wasn't a joke, maybe he'd reconsider. But I doubt it.

If you happen to be reading this, Mr. Bosso, I have a question for you. You already killed your spokesperson. (At 29. And Bosso admitted to being part of his death.) Who's next?

For more on the Dallas opening, read The Heart Attack Grill is Open, and It's Even More Terrible Than We Imagined on the Dallas Observer blog City of Ate.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mad Hatter's Ball...Ummmm, is anyone else in costume?

I had a bit of an Elle Woods in Legally Blonde moment. You know the scene when Elle shows up at the party dressed as a Playboy bunny and no one else is in costume?

In my case if was a full on Mad Hatter’s costume and a few other people were in costume. But I did feel like I went a little overboard as I stepped out of the car and watched other guests enter the event in cocktail dresses and wild hats.  Oops.

Not to mention that I didn’t notice that my hat said 420/69 on it where the 10/6 should be. Sigh. A couple of handsome, drunk guys generously pointed it out to me though. Not sure I played it off very well.

But it did prepare me for when two older ladies asked me about the meaning. I just took a deep breath, giggled, and said it meant something naughty and definitely not appropriate for the neighborhood Halloween party.

The event was the Mad Hatter’s Ball, the Lakewood Service League’s annual, spring fundraiser.  This year it was held at Lofty Spaces all decked-out as Wonderland with TrueBeautyRX as the event’s presenting sponsor.

As for the food, there was a dinner buffet by Wolfgang Puck Catering and the cutest dessert buffet with jars of jelly bellys, giant swirly lollipops, and gourmet versions of childhood snack cakes like Twinkies and Ring Dings. A live band and casino games were the entertainment for the evening.

The live auction included all sorts of high-end trips and packages and the silent auction had some impressive packages as well. As far as I could tell, they raised some serious cash, including $7,500 in donations (outside of the auction) to send nine teenage mothers and pregnant teens to a summer camp support program.   

After one martini with a sugar swizzle stick, I forgot all about my costume. Now if I can just remember to fix that hat before Halloween.

Here at the top ten looks for the night:

Playing Subject to Photographer George Krause

There’s something very warm and inviting about the way photographer George Krause not just looks at, but sees people. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve known him for years or just met him, he’s equally as interested in discovering your story through his lens.

You might not know you were in the presence of greatness from his casual, Saturday afternoon style of dress to his laidback demeanor. But the guy’s a rock star by all counts.

Krause graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art and was honored with the first Prix de Rome and the first Fulbright/Hays grant ever awarded to a photographer. He also has two Guggenheim fellowships and three grants from the National Endowment for the Arts under his belt.

His work is all about that talent he has for looking and seeing and watching and capturing. This Saturday he was taking Sfumato portraits at the Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery doing exactly that. And I was exited to go.

Krause photographed me several years ago at his studio in Wimberley, TX. So I thought to might be fun to have a go at it again since this clearly would be a very different experience. That first time around was a nude, full body shot.

It was such a crazy day. It was cold and raining and you have to stand in this big light box to be photographed that is just a short walk from his house. So, you’re naked and cold and in this barn type of space, trying not to shiver (or giggle for that matter) while the photograph is taken. 

This time was much easier. Krause was taking head and shoulder portraits using his smaller, portable light box.  Several people were at the studio when I arrived on Saturday just after noon with my girlfriend and daughter (who were also there to be photographed).

I was tickled that Krause remembered me despite it being so long since we had seen one another. He gave me a big hug and told me all about his new large, portable light box that he’s hoping to bring to Dallas before too long to do another a series of nudes.

Then he invited me to step into the box. It’s actually a bit more like an open cave then a box. At 5 feet tall, even with very high heels on, I had to stand on several wooden boxes in order for the light to hit in just the right spot, which also means that my head was almost touching the top of the “cave.” Then he snapped a few shots and he was off to the next subject.     

Krause invited me to come out to his studio again some time, which I look forward to doing before too long, and then we said our good-byes. As I walked through the small showing of his work at the gallery, I was reminded again of why I enjoy his work so much.

Krause’s photographs slow the world down to a complete stop at an instant when one might never otherwise think of stopping. And I am grateful for the opportunity to not just look but, instead, like Krause, to really see.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I can't believe it. I never got to see either of them years ago in their prime (or mine) but I am finally going to get to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys in concert together. To make it even cooler, I'm going to see them at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, which looks to be a super cool venue.

For tickets to this tour stop or others, visit their site.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Open on Kindle

Don't forget to get the Kindle edition of my book before you head off on vacation this summer!

Friday, April 22, 2011

There are zebras in my Outback!

Ok, so there weren't actually zebras in my Outback. But they were certainly surrounding it and poking their heads into it. Of course, it wasn't just zebras, it was also a variety of other large beasts of one kind or another who live at Fossil Rim. It seemed like the perfect place to take the Outback. You know, on safari!!

And I was right. We were in the car for six hours that day and didn't even notice. All three of us were perfectly comfy. We could have easily added another kid or two to the back seat, in fact. The weather was gorgeous, the stereo was blasting, and the animals were surrounding us left and right.

I made the mistake of not buying feed when we bought our admission tickets. But we broke the rules and allowed the animals a few nibbles of a Subway sandwich, some almonds, and a Luna bar (the last of which they LOVED, by the way). All in all it was a great day and we will certainly be going back. But, next time, I am definitely buying the feed!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ROYAL Romance, ROYAL Savings

Caribbean, Mexican, and Floridian resorts offer one day travel deals in celebration of royal nuptials. Check out all of the offers below!


Offer: In celebration of England's Royal Wedding, the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort is offering the Royal Romance Package, available for one day only on April 29th, 2011. 
Package includes:
- Transportation from and to the Cancun Airport                      
- Daily breakfast buffet for 2 adults                         
- One bottle of sparkling wine per stay                       
- Free upgrade to Ocean view (room already upgraded at the time of booking)                                                 
- 40% discount on Spa treatments                       
- 20% discount on food and beverage, and gift shop purchases 
Rates: From $149 USD per night
Valid for Travel: May 1 - November 20. Based on availability, blackout dates apply.
Reservations: Visit and input promo code L9Z


Offer: In celebration of England's Royal Wedding, the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa is offering the Royal Romance Package, available for one day only on April 29th, 2011. 
Package includes:
- Transportation from and to the Cancun Airport                      
- Daily breakfast buffet for 2 adults                         
- One bottle of sparkling wine per stay                       
- Free upgrade to Ocean view (room already upgraded at the time of booking)                                                 
- 40% discount on Spa treatments                       
- 20% discount on food and beverage and gift shop purchases                   
Rates: From $189 USD per night
Valid for Travel: May 1 - November 20. Based on availability, blackout dates apply.
Reservations: Visit and input promo code L9Z


Offer: In celebration of England's Royal Wedding, CuisinArt Resort & Spa is offering the "Royalty in Paradise" package on April 29th, 2011, only!
Package includes:
- 4 Nights in a beachfront junior suite
- 1 Romantic beachfront dinner for two
- 1 Bottle Veuve Cliquot champagne
- 1 Couples Rendezvous spa package:
- Couples massage
- Floral bath soak
- Anguillian coconut pineapple scrub
- Swiss duet rain shower
Rates: From $2,250 (A $925 savings)
Valid for Travel: April 30 - November 22, 2011. Based on availability, blackout dates apply.


Offer:  In celebration of England's Royal Wedding, St. Kitts Marriott Resort is offering a free room upgrade and bottle of sparkling wine when the Escape! For Two package is booked on April 29th, 2011, only.
Package includes:
Accommodations (automatic room upgrade)
1 massage per person (per room, per stay)
1 facial per person (per room, per stay)
Breakfast buffet for two, daily
1 Bottle of sparkling wine
Spa amenity basket and welcome gift
Rates: From $238 per room/night, inclusive of tax and gratuity. Based on double occupancy.  Subject to availability / blackout dates.
Reservations: / Promo code ES8


Offer: the Royal Treatment Package includes three night accommodations in a Deluxe Room and a half-day of pampering at the spa for two guests. Spa treatments include a 50 minute relaxing massage, 60 minute food reflexology and your choice of a Mini Facial or Gentleman's Total Care Facial
Rates: Three night package: $1,180
Valid for Travel: Now until Dec 23, 2011
Reservations: Call 877-264-3106 or email


Offer: The Royal Escape Package includes complimentary breakfast for two and a bottle of champagne and strawberries upon arrival.  
Rates: From $239 per night
Reservations: Call 305.374.3900 or visit; use promotional code ROM


Offer: Enjoy a royal getaway to the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida, when you book the Royal Romance Berries & Bubbly Package on April 29, 2011. The package includes accommodations in a luxury room or resort suite category of choice, champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries on the night of arrival and complimentary breakfast for two each morning. A package savings of over 20 percent.
Rates: From $299 per night
Valid for travel: April 29 through December 30
Reservations: Visit and use promo code ROYAL in the Corporate / Promotion box, or call 1-877-726-3111 and ask for promotional code ROYAL.


Offer:  The Royal Bliss Package includes accommodations in room category of choice, bottle of champagne and rum punch drink upon arrival, welcome gift, $200 food and beverage credit per room for entire stay and breakfast buffet for two each morning. A package savings of 20 percent.                                                                 
Rates: From $288 per night
Valid for travel: April 29 through December 30
Reservations: Visit and use promo code EAT in the Corporate/ Promotion box, or call 1-800-524-2000 and ask for promotional code EAT.

**All of the above offers are valid for reservations booked between 12:00am and 11:59pm on Friday, April 29th, 2011 ONLY.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What to wear to Nia...

Ever since my articles about Nia came out in American Way and Conscious Dancer, readers have been asking me what one wears to a Nia class. The simple answer is anything you can move in. But there is a sort of Nia style that’s developed that includes mostly bell-bottomed flowy pants and either fitted athletic tops or swooshy dresses on top.

Here are a few of my fave brands:

NiaWear – NiaWear comes straight from the source. You can purchase it from headquarters, online, or from most Nia instructors. I have several pieces and love all of it. The colors and styles are, of course, perfectly suited to doing Nia. They also great for hooping too actually. I love my bell-bottomed pants with the attached short skirt and the coordinating black tank with NiaWear logo.

Melodia – I got my first pieces of Melodia at the Lightening in a Bottle festival. The cotton is so soft and the styling is so groovy. It definitely looks like festival wear but translates perfectly to the Nia classroom.

Ipseity – I wanted an outfit from Ipseity from the minute I saw the line at a trunk show at headquarters. My girlfriend generously surprised me with one this Valentine’s Day. This stuff is so funky. I love it. And I can’t imagine any other part of my life where I could get away with what my husband calls my “Lord of the Rings” get-up. I love the rich purple and the soft, hearty fabric. And I just feel so groovy in it. Even if I’m not feeling up for class, I immediately get in the mood once I get these on.

Tdama– I love my Tdama tiered gaucho pants. The fabric could not be any softer and they look so good on. Dancing in them is great. But they also translate much better in the “real world” then a lot of my other Nia clothes do. Sometimes I wear them around the house or around town even when I don't have class.  Because the tiers on these particular pants start so far down, they also look really cook with a skirt on top of them .

Margarita Wear – These clothes are so cool!! They’re what I would have picked out as a kid but figured I wasn’t allowed to wear now since I’m a grown-up. Heck with that. The compression fabric is so strong that the pants look like they were made to fit a five-year-old before you get them on. But they look awesome on. My favorites are the ones with the giant rainbow on the bottom. Total 70s. But I also dig my polka dot and striped pairs. They’re not cheap. But then none of these lines really are. But they are definitely worth it. And, if you’re lucky, you can sometimes catch them on Ebay!

One thing I can say for all of these companies’ clothes is that the materials wash well, which is key if you’re washing things every week. I always wash them on the gentle cycle (warm/cold) and then hang them or lay them flat to dry. And most of them still look brand new despite lots of dancing and floor play!

As I mentioned right off, you can wear anything you like to Nia and my classes are always filled with students wearing everything from yoga pants to sweat pants to homemade goodies to full-on Nia gear. So don’t let the clothes scare you. This is definitely a no-uniform required kind of practice. But if you are looking for some Nia-appropriate garb, these are a few good places to start!

The Tulip Fest at Wooden Shoe

I was in Portland, OR last week to earn my Blue Belt in Nia. When the intensive was through and the sun finally showed its face, we headed out to Woodburn, OR to the Tulip Fest. It was amazing. I've never seen so many gorgeous tulip blooms in one place. There was also tons of stuff for kids to do, vendors, great fair-type food, and, of course, tulips and tulip bulbs for sale! A must do if you're in the area. It runs through May 8th. Here are a few pics from the event:

Nia Blue Belt Training at Nia HQ in Portland, OR

Just got back from an intensive week of training to become a Nia instructor. It was an incredibly powerful week filled with lots of crying, laughing, and, of course, dancing. I have never taught a class. But I am considering taking that step soon. In the meantime, I am loving taking classes with my amazing instructor Jule at MoveStudio! Here are a few photos from the training:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Beer at Cowboy Chow!!

My version of Cowboy Chow's famous sliders!

In the great state of Texas, March is Independence month. And there is clearly only one way to celebrate – free beer.   

Cowboy Chow in Deep Ellum is offering a free pitcher of Franconia Beer with the purchase of an entree.  

Since chuck wagon cooking is said to be started by a Texas ranger (in 1866), Cowboy Chow's "open range dining" inspired by that old chuck wagon, is the perfect place for this celebration.

The offer is good with all of the entrée choices, including my fave – brisket sliders – as well as shredded buffalo or braised short rib tacos, pulled chicken sliders or cast iron chicken pot pie.

Valid today, Friday, March 4, and Saturday March 5, 2011

Cowboy Chow
2801 Commerce St. in Dallas
Open both days from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Win $100,000 from Dockers - Wear the Pants

So, this is interesting. Stats are now showing that not only are women catching up with men in the workforce, we're actually usurping them. Atlantic Monthly and U.S. News & World Report recently tackled the issue, citing the economy as one of the driving factors for this phenom.

While I don't believe any one gender should "Wear the Pants," I do think this contest is a pretty cool thing to get people back in the game. And I'm going to give Dockers the benefit of the doubt that they just used the line because it was clever and not because they think men should be the boss of me. Nobody's the boss of me...

Check it out!

WHAT: Dockers® Wear the Pants™ Project is giving away $100,000 for the best plan of action entered on the Dockers® Facebook page Wear the Pants™ Project tab.

WHAT ELSE: Weekly “Man Grants” of up to $2,000 (in services, tools, gear or cash) will be given away to plans entered on the Win a Man Grant Facebook tab. Man Grants will be presented for 43 consecutive weeks in 2011.

WHEN: The $100,000 contest launched on Dockers® Facebook page on Feb. 1 and will be open for entries through March 15, 2011. The winner will be selected on April 28. The Man Grants program opens on Dockers® Facebook page on Feb. 1, and continues through Nov. 28, 2011. Winners will be announced each Monday on Dockers® Win a Man Grant Facebook tab.

HOW: The power is in the hands of the people. Dockers® fans vote for the winners on the Wear the Pants™ Project and Win a Man Grant Facebook tabs.

WHY: Dockers® wants to help people stop dreaming and start doing. The brand that has boldly defined khaki pants for more than 25 years understands what it means to do what you love. Dockers® is offering the inspiration and, for 44 lucky people with winning plans, the resources they need to pursue their passion.

The projects can be whatever a man can dream of - from launching a business, to producing that movie, or designing and building surfboards - he just needs to step up to the plate tell us how!  All project ideas will be submitted on the Dockers® facebook page. 

Shecky's Girls' Night Out

Had a blast at Shecky's Girls Night Out last night! It was my second year in a row and it is such a cool event. All sorts of shopping and beauty services all in one place. Plus, awesome goodie bags and free Contreau cocktails. I don't see how a girl could go wrong!

My friend Cindy and my girlfriend Jamie and I all went together and the two of them did some serious shopping. I on the other hand was very good! LOL They bought dresses and jewelry and accessories. We each tried one of the signature cocktails - one with pineapple juice, one with grapefruit juice, and one with cranberry juice. They were all delicious! We had hoped to go to the cocktail seminar but they were running 30 minutes late so we left before our allotted time. So, be sure to sign up early!

Our goodie bags were jam packed. There was body wash and air freshener and lip gloss and mini teeth flossers and books and cocktail shakers and nail decor and on and on. Plus it comes in the cutest bag. I would probably go just for that!

The event is at FIG and tonight is the last night. You can get tickets online or at the door. Buy With Me even had some! Just remember that General Admission tix do not come with goodie bags. So, be sure to get the right kind of ticket.

Have a blast!

Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG)
1807 Ross Ave. 
(N. St. Paul & N. Akard Sts.)  
Dallas, 75201

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arsenic and Old Lace at the Dallas Theater Center

I know I get accused of gushing. But you'll have to forgive me, because I'm about to do it again. I loved Dallas Theater Center's latest production, Arsenic and Old Lace. Loved it. It was such a thrill to see Betty Buckley and Tovah Feldshuh on stage. They were both wonderful and their chemistry on-stage together was a delight.

That's not to say that the rest of the cast was anything to sneeze at. Abbey Siegworth as Elaine and Lee Trull as Mortimer were equally fantastic. And Jason Douglass as Jonathan was too scary. Way too scary, which I guess is a good thing for a show like these. But the guy gave me nightmares!

The show is a classic. But it's easy to muck up. No risk of that here. Although, I have to admit, the second act runs a little long. More the fault of the script than of this production. Still, it would have benefited from some shortening.

The set was incredible. A entire house was built onto the stage and spins around to reveal the interior of the home, which serves a backdrop to almost the entire show. The sound design was excellent, definitely adding to the overall creepiness.

The costumes were perfection. I want to borrow the sisters' funeral outfits. I don't know where I would where them. But I would throw a party just to have the chance to don them.

Truth is, you'd be crazy not to see this show - to see Buckley and Felshuh, to see the resident and other cast members, and to have the pants scared off you old school.

No blood or gore required.

Thank You For Being A Freind

I have been a Golden Girls fan for as long as I can remember. (Come on, admit it, you have been too.) And right now, Uptown Players is performing a new show at The Rose Room called Thank You For Being a Friend, based on the show and its characters. Unofficially, of course. What fun would it be otherwise!

The gang's all there - Blanche, Rose, Sophia, and Dorothy. Only now they're Blanchette, Roz, Sophie, and Dorothea. And they are up to some pretty serious antics, including a showdown with next door neighbor Lance Bass. Yup. Lance Bass of 'N Sync "fame."

Dorthea, played by Lon Barrera, is almost too good to be true, as are Michael B. Moore as Blanchette and Chris Robinson as Roz. John de Los Santos as Sophie was a little much for my taste, too broad - no pun intended - and lacking in the authenticity that marked Barrera's, Moore's, and Robinson's performances.

The set is a hoot. The music is hilarious. And the costumes are worth the price of admission. Some of it was a bit off-color even for me. But certainly not enough to keep me away and it shouldn't keep you from checking it out either.

All I can say is, if you don't laugh, you're missing a missing a funny bone. And my guess is you can find it somewhere in the 80s!

Get Floating

So, I spent Saturday afternoon doing something very interesting - floating. You heard me right, floating. There's a new place in Dallas called Adrift where you can go and float in a private tank filled with enough salt to keep the Titanic afloat. It was the most bizarre and wonderful experience. First you get to spend fifteen minutes in a zero gravity massage chair, which you will swear is a person by the time it's done with you. Then you take a nice hot shower which opens right into your private floating chamber - or your couple's floating chamber. Your call. Then you lay back into the water while your choice of soothing sounds play. I chose the ocean. And you can even opt for color therapy where the water gently changes color throughout your session. After that you just, well, float.

It took me awhile to relax. I'm not so great at relaxing anyway and the whole thing seemed so foreign. But once I settled in, I drifted in and out of sleep and was more relaxed than I can remember ever being. I'll definitely be back. I'm hoping I'll be better at getting into the zone the second time around. Plus, I cannot wait to get back in the massage chair. If Adrift offered just that as a service, you can be sure I would sign-up! At least until I can figure out how I can get one of my own.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bachelor at CuisinArt Resort & Spa - Win a Trip!

Product placement in television and film has long been known as a great means of promotion. The same goes for location.

If you film it, they will come.

You can bet that CuisinArt Resort & Spa on Anguilla is certainly hoping they will any way.  They hosted a one-on-one date as well as a surprise group date on the 7th episode of The Bachelor, scheduled to air this Valentine's Day.

Rated among the top resorts in the Caribbean by both Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler, CuisinArt Resort & Spa had the chance to show off a little in this season's first episode, revealing the resort's stellar setting and Mediterranean-inspired accommodations. Interestingly, they are home to the world's only resort hydroponic farm. Go figure.

Whether or not you're a fan of the show (can't say that I am), you can actually enter to win seven nights at CuisinArt Resort & Spa for two, as well as private dining, a "Live Your Own Bachelor Date" experience, and a private island tour. Enter here.  

Brad Womack, this season's Bachelor, was actually on the show in Season 11 when he chose to reject both of his final bachelorettes. Three years later he's back, claiming a radical personal transformation that has left him ready to commit to a relationship.

Much more interesting than who old Brad chooses though is what effect the show being filmed there will have on tourism in Anguilla.

St. Lucia certainly got a boost from serving as the setting for the show in the past.  The Director of St Lucia Tourism, Louis Lewis, has been quoted as saying that "average daily visits to and the number of requests for destination e-books more than doubled since the February 15 episode which initially featured Saint Lucia." And Jade Mountain, the resort where The Bachelor proposal took place that season, reported 15,000 hits on their website the night of The Bachelor season finale.

It'll be interesting to see. Either way, it sure would be nice to spend eight days in Anguilla...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More In Gear Pics!

More climbing pics from my Joshua Trip trip with Matt Walker at Inner Passage!

Getting ready to pack!

All geared up in my Mammut helmet and super comfy Lole pants!