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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naughty Gifts on Sale

I'm a big fan of Valentine's Day. I know, I know. Hallmark has usurped it and it's been commercialized to the hilt. Still, I love all those ribbons and roses. Of course, I like the less cutesy side too, which is why I wanted to let you know that Eros Boutique is offering 20% off everything they sell until Valentine's Day.

Shopping secrets deserved to be shared...



  1. I called Eros Boutique earlier tonight to place an order with them and I needed it overnighted - my fiance is leaving for active duty in 5 days - not only are they taking the package to the post office tonight, after hours, but they are throwing in a free "sexy" gift. Kitty @ Eros if you are reading this I just want to let you know you made this Valentines Day for us.

  2. i noticed that two of the links on your right side panel (burned books publishing and fragipani) aren't working. glad to know about your book. ;)

  3. I dove in and ordered some Valentines sexy toys from ErosBoutique. I was tickled (in several ways!) Thank you for the nudge.