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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jenny Block and Polyamory on Fox and Friends

Here's the segment I did on Fox & Friends on May 12, 2009. Would love to hear what you think of the show.


  1. Nice job, Jenny. Again, you state your (our) case clearly and without platitudes, and the other side eats up as much of the time (so you cannot counter) with logical fallacies, straw man arguments, and made-up concepts.

    Mr. Stanton (sp?) is using the Gish Gallop to win the debate. I highly recommend you read up a little on Gish tactics (Duane Gish is a creationist who debates against evolution) so that you may be more prepared when confronted by people like this. In all your free time, of course! :-)

    I'm still watching and following, and you're doing an excellent job!


  2. Thank you for standing up to the fear-mongerers!

    I sure wish you hadn't volunteered the bestiality example! Cede no ground!

    I also wonder whether it's not a better tack to make clear the bigger problem with attaching all of the benefits, privileges, and protections that come with marriage only to sexual relationships, period:

    See Nancy Polikoff's "It's Not a Gay Thing":

    Why should someone have to be in a sexual relationship to get all that marriage confers?

  3. You were fantastic - clever & passionate and looked great doing it!

  4. I thought Fox News was more interested in giving ammunition to the anti-gay marriage crowd than learning about polyamory. Polyamory is enough of a foreign concept to mainstream America that the host didn't need to immediately switch to the question of poly marriage.

    Anyway, Jenny, you appeared smart and poised and I wish they gave you more time to talk about polyamory in general.

  5. Every time I hear a right-winger say the words "slippery slope" and mean it, I want to shake them by the shoulders shouting, "LOGICAL FALLACY, NITWIT! DID YOU LEARN NOTHING IN ENGLISH CLASS?!" Although I knew that once polyamory became more visible the Fox people would be all over it like hot fudge over ice cream--"Proof of the slippery slope, yay!" they cry.

    So I think you held your own very well, Jenny, and I'm proud of you. Good show!

  6. Hi Jenny,

    I just found out about you and your book. Can't wait to read it. By the way, One of the arguments that you can offer to people who are against open marriages is - Why only be Monogamous with your spouse ?? The people who are screaming about monogomy should also espouse having only one child.

    After all more then one child (loving more then one child) can lead many times to jealously and can create a dysfunctional family situation.

    Just a thought !

  7. Jenny,

    That narrow minded guy tried to dominate the conversation.

    How does OUR choice affect his choice? We don't impose our honesty and values upon him? Why do they feel that their definition must be protected by imposing their values on us?

    By the same token, why can't we just put our third person in our will or living trust and call it a day? Would that take care of everyone?