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Monday, April 12, 2010

Dance Your Way to Hotter Sex

I started taking dance classes at Move Studio and I LOVE it there. The teachers and the space are stellar. It inspired my piece for my Fox column last week. Check it out!


  1. I received this note from my amazing new friend Susan Klein. So, I wanted to share it with all of you here.


    What’s Hair Got To Do With It? Today at Nia I danced with my heart. Why was today different? I been moving in this direction for the last few months, but for the first time I actually felt totally uninhibited and it felt natural. To experience even for a moment, that glorious feeling of being open and unrestrained made me feel feminine, powerful and REALLY happy. Anyway, what’s hair got to do with it when it comes to feeling the pure exhilaration of dancing IN the moment? The community of “Nia-phytes” is a terrific group of women who share their love of dance/love of life passion. The combination of soulful music and lyrical teacher create astonishing energy that automatically permits one to be a lover of life. I love my treadmill, but clearly, it has never made me feel like a “lover of life!” I think Nia should be required for ALL women.

  2. Excellent article Jenny :) I love to dance, I find that dance develops new skills (and the strength to properly execute those skills for extended amounts of time) that improve all areas of life.

    Creativly, flexibly, and painlessly moving around a busy place with lots of people is lot more fun and can really be where the pace and tone for a relationship is established.

    And definantly, when it comes to romantic interactions, there's a whole lot more then Jerry Signfield's 'Swirl'! lol