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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm in gear. Are you?

So, I posted pics of some of the gear I used. Now here are some pics of me in the gear, climbing in Joshua Tree with Matt Walker from Inner Passage. I was scared to pieces. And I did a lot of crying hanging on that wall. But Matt and the crew got me up - and down. Here are a few pics of me climbing in that gear, which make me feel like a rock star! Just a few comments below. For more complete reviews, see my earlier gear post below with all the pics.

Here I am at camp in my cozy Mammut jacket!

That's me on the far right in my Lole pants; Mammut helmet and harness, and Scarpa shoes. I look so official!

In my Buff headgear I look so hard core!

Wearing my Tilley hat while I learn to tie in. Can't be too careful in the sun!

I'm doing it! I'm really doing it!

Yes, that's me, crack climbing. Who would have thought!

I know you can hardly see me. But that's me, way up top, to the right, climbing the crack!

Love the Mammut Crea Light Pack. It holds a ton and is SO ridiculously light!

That's me belaying. And, yes, that is my super cool Lelo top. I love looking like a real climber girl!

Love this white Lelo top. I am ALWAYS cold and this was perfect to keep me comfy and just the right temp.

All geared up in my Mammut jacket, helmet, and harness!

Taking in the view from the top!

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