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Friday, April 22, 2011

There are zebras in my Outback!

Ok, so there weren't actually zebras in my Outback. But they were certainly surrounding it and poking their heads into it. Of course, it wasn't just zebras, it was also a variety of other large beasts of one kind or another who live at Fossil Rim. It seemed like the perfect place to take the Outback. You know, on safari!!

And I was right. We were in the car for six hours that day and didn't even notice. All three of us were perfectly comfy. We could have easily added another kid or two to the back seat, in fact. The weather was gorgeous, the stereo was blasting, and the animals were surrounding us left and right.

I made the mistake of not buying feed when we bought our admission tickets. But we broke the rules and allowed the animals a few nibbles of a Subway sandwich, some almonds, and a Luna bar (the last of which they LOVED, by the way). All in all it was a great day and we will certainly be going back. But, next time, I am definitely buying the feed!

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