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Monday, February 18, 2013

Il Cane Rosso - Dallas

I love good pizza. And I wanted to like Il Cane Rosso. Many of my friends and colleagues are huge fans. It's in a super cool Deep Ellum location. It offers a zillion different pizzas, and has an inviting brunch menu. But I just didn't care for the place. Let me count the ways.

First, there's nowhere to park. We drove in circles to find an open meter space. You shouldn't have to pay to park in a lot in order to pay to eat somewhere.

Second, there was a long line and a long wait and plenty of tables open. The very sweet hostess explained that they were short on help. So get more help.

Third, as one might predict, the service was slow and spotty. The waitstaff was all racing around. You had to flag them down to get their attention. I do not like that. At all.

Fourth, the pizza was exceptionally mediocre. It didn't taste like much and it was limp. Not fold-over floppy. But bodiless limp. Granted I had very high expectations. Regardless, it was subpar.

Finally, it was freezing in there. The ceiling fans were whirring at top speed and our pizza turned to ice in an instant. I do not care for cold pizza. At all.

There are too many other good places to eat in Dallas to bother with this one, including great pizza places. I will go back once more however, because everyone deserves a second chance. But this time I will be going without the high hopes.

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