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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Big Word Project

Check out my latest blog entry at Huffington Post. It's about a very cool project where you can actually  buy words. It's called the "Big Word Project" and when you buy a word there for a dollar a letter, you get to redefine it by connecting it to your own website. Very cool concept. But get there quickly. A bunch of words I wanted for myself were already taken. I did however buy a few... poly, polyamorous, polyfidelity, Block, and marriage. Open and polyamory were already taken.

It's an especially interesting concept for those of us in the poly community. Words are so vital in getting people to understand who we are and who we aren't. If nothing else, I hope this project gets people talking about the power of words and the ways in which we define them.


  1. Thanks so much! I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to access your site. But I'll be sure to check back another time.


  2. Yeah, all of my words were taken which frustrated me. Didn't want to settle for words I didn't want. I did come across another website doing the same thing (, I think it offers more words and acronyms also. I was able to get my word there so was very happy.