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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don Simon at Timothy Yarger Fine Art

I was so excited to be in Los Angeles on Sunday and Monday to visit one of my favorite people on earth - Elizabeth Yochim. Unfortunately, I only got to spend one night, which meant missing Don Simon's opening tonight. He's an artist that Elizabeth turned me on to and she is always right! If you're in LA, you should totally check it out. Get info on the gallery here. His work juxtaposes the environmental with the industrial. My favorite is called The Canopy 1. See the pic above. You can check him out at his website here. Or you can use these Google Searches to find out all sorts of cool stuff about him:

"Don Simon" "Unnaturalism"
"Don Simon" "Grist"
"Don Simon" "Treehugger"
"Don Simon" "Nature 2.0"

The best part is that the exhibit is a fundraiser for Million Trees LA, which is working to plant a million trees across the city where they need them most. You can hate LA all you want. But you gotta love it too!

Would love to hear what you think, especially if you get to see the exhibit.

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