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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Skinny on "Squirting"

Women ejaculate. I know. I know. That may come as a surprise to some. It certainly came as a surprise to me when I first heard about it. But it’s true.

I receive a lot of questions from readers, which I love. Some I’ll answer by email. But when I receive the same one again and again, I’ll answer it right here on my blog.

The emails I receive range from people who are shocked to people who are horrified to people who are simply curious, like this one.


Love your articles on Fox News. Here is a little embarrassing question but I have to know what causes this.

I am what you might call a squirter during sex. In fact I have down right gushers during orgasms. I am almost able to control it (as in on demand) as I become older. I am now 39 and I started noticing this condition in my mid 20's. I have found it is something most men strongly desire. So, I’m not complaining. But what in the world causes this?


Well, M, I’ve got good news for you and all of your fellow squirters. There is no cause for worry. Female ejaculation is perfectly normal. And it certainly isn’t anything to “complain about.” It’s just a matter of biology and sexual activity.

G-spot stimulation is generally the cause of “squirting” or female ejaculation. It is not a myth as some say. And it is most certainly not urine as some insist on suggesting. It is ejaculate and its source is the Skene’s glands. It actually bears some similarity to the fluid produced by the male prostate.

Although it can seem like a lot of fluid, women generally ejaculate no more than 2 to 3 teaspoons at a time (although some have been known to produce a cup of liquid or more) and it is a perfectly healthy thing to experience.

Stimulating the g-spot with curved fingers moving inside the vagina in a “come hither” fashion or using a curved g-spot toy like the G-Ki
or the MONA is the best way to cause a woman to ejaculate.

Deep breathing and squeezing the PC muscles at the same time can also help, as can adding in some clitoral stimulation (manual, oral, or with a vibrator). And be sure to withdraw anything inside you before coming, otherwise the ejaculation may not be able to occur.

Although some women feel embarrassed or concerned about ejaculating, they really shouldn’t. And it’s important that correct information on the subject is shared so that “squirting” will no longer be a source of shame. So spread the good word about this perfectly good behavior.
Some people actually get a great deal of pleasure from watching women ejaculate and some pornography is dedicated specifically to squirting. You can find it all over the Internet from tame to wild. So, don’t worry about liking it whether you are the squirter of the squirtee. It’s all good.

Now, for the second most popular question on the topic – if you’re not a squirter now, can you become one? Survey says…absolutely. All it takes is a little practice and a lot of letting go. Right before a woman ejaculates, she may feel as if she’s about to urinate. But the chances of that are highly unlikely. And, if it happens, chalk it up to experience. A good sexual partner shouldn’t mind a bit. It’s all part of sexual exploration.

So, if you’re already a squirter, enjoy. If you’re not and would like to be, get practicing, you just might find a whole new level of sex and intimacy to enjoy. You never know until you try.

One thing I can tell you for sure though, when it comes to sex, wetter is always better…


  1. Thank you for posting this Jenny. There are a lot of women who are very self conscious about this simple fact of nature and they shouldn't as most men I know consider it to be a real turn-on.

  2. Oh what a great, well thought out post about squirting. Comes up so often and I am always so perplexed when women stop themselves from squirting. Why deny yourself so much pleasure? I like to joke that if the worst thing that ever happens to you when you are having sex it that you accidentally pee on your partner - well you're doing REALLY good. But, honestly, it's not pee. No UREA at all. Nothing in it to make it yellow.

    I am going to link to this blog from my fan page and share it with my Bliss friends.

    Thank you Jenny.

  3. I love this post and will share. I chose to become a squirter at age 33 and I love the feeling of having an ejaculation; but it is a choice. Many women feel as if they have to urinate sometimes during intercourse, this is the feeling of having to squirt. I teach a few courses for women on how this is a sacred and very spiritual experience and release. I highly advise women getting more familiar with their own bodies so that they can enjoy the BLISS of trance educing pleasure. xoxo

    Kenya K Stevens YUM!