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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7 for All Mankind: And I thought they were just jeans...

When I think of 7 for All Mankind, I definitely think of great looking, great fitting jeans. But jeans is pretty much the end of it. But it shouldn't be. I guess I'm pretty behind the times, because they are doing equally great looking tops and shorts and jackets and bags and shoes and even sunglasses. 

I went to a showing of their newest line at their North Park Center store here in Dallas, and I was blown away by all of the great colors and super cute patterns. I am in love with the teeny, tiny shorts they are showing this season. And I couldn't stop touching the fabrics, which are soft enough to never bother taking off.

Their bell bottom jeans and skinny jeans also got my attention cut, color, and pattern-wise. Some of the looks are totally flashback to the 80s. (In a good way, of course!) I have an obsession with shoes that are unreasonably high and these jeans scream for exactly that.

And, if you live here in Dallas, you've probably already noticed how unbearable the heat is already becoming. Jeans are not my first go to in the heat. But there were lots of goodies from super light tops to those tiny shorts that I mentioned that are sure to be my go-to pieces as I do my best to stay cool while still looking cool.

Any way, just wanted to share a few thoughts and a few pics in case you too still think just jeans when you think 7. 

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