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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guest Post from Megan Wood - the YoFoMat

Traditional yoga mats makes terrible travel companions. In an effort to open my hips I've dragged a rolled up yoga mat with me through Belize, to California, and around Argentina. The mat either had to be brought on the plane as a cumbersome carry-on or smashed into my suitcase. Not so zen. Which is too bad, because one of the many perks of yoga is that practicing it is low-hassle—all one needs is their body and a mat.

When I found out I'd be spending two weeks in Southern France, I abandoned the idea of bringing my yoga mat altogether. I figured I'd just use a towel. (My poor spine.) Then, I stumbled upon YoFoMat, a foldable yoga mat. I had to have it. I ordered the Travel Yoga Mat, which comes standard in extra long and in a variety of colors. ($37 and free shipping)

The YoFoMat folds into a tidy square the size of a textbook and comes in a plastic carrying case. The case with the mat folded inside weighs under three pounds and neatly fit into my suitcase. After arriving in France, I was a little weary of opening the mat for fear I'd never properly fold it back up. I can barely fold a map. But the YoFoMat is designed to fold without any frustration. Best of all, the bottom of the mat never comes into contact with the top surface, meaning I don't have to put my hands or face on a dirty mat.

After an eight hour flight I did a 20 minute post-travel practice with the YoFoMat on top of a rug. I found the YoFoMat to have a sticky grip and enough padding to support my sensitive spine. The material doesn't smell like chemicals, as some yoga mats do. After, I was able to quickly fold the mat back into a square and sit on it as a comfortable alternative to a meditation prop.

YoFoMat is now a must-have in my travel arsenal. My hips are happy.

-Megan Wood

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