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Monday, March 18, 2013

Savor Dallas 2013 - International Grand Tasting

Saturday night we made our way to the Irving Convention Center for Savor Dallas' International Grand Tasting and it was well worth the trip.

I had never been out to Irving really and was surprised at how groovy looking the Convention Center actually is. And it wasn't nearly as far as I had expected.

This year's event seemed to have more alcohol than food. But that may have just been an optical illusion. Either way, that doesn't mean that there wasn't plenty of food. Not at all.

There was a ridiculous amount of bites and tastes and treats to be had. Some of our favorites included the ahi tuna tacos from Del Frisco's Grille; the avocado soup from Parigi's, and the pizza from Urban Crust.

One of this year's themes appeared to be pork belly, which was being served in various and sundry ways. And you won't hear any complaints from me on that. Another theme seemed to be tacos. Being as they are one of the world's most perfect finger foods, tacos are ideal for an event like this.

The portions were way to big, as always.  But I was very happy to be handed one of those handy dandy food trays that have a holder for your wine glass, an accessory that is nearly impossible to do without at one of these events.

I was disappointed not to see any highboys where one could balance one's goodies while taking a bite or a sip. The trays were great. But sometimes a girl needs a table too.

We were able to get our wine glasses etched with our names by the incomparable Ken Brown at the vent. That was a really nice surprise. And we added to our growing collection of Stella Artois and Hoegaarden glasses, something we need to reign in before it gets scary...

Savor Dallas is definitely something we will attend again next year. Even if the event didn't have such an incredible selection of food and libations, it would be well worth the trip for the people watching alone. We saw it all.

Next year though, I think we might finally make it out to some of the other Savor happenings which we never seem to get to. If you have gone to some of those in the past, I would love to hear your thoughts on which events are not to be missed.

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