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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Big Wedding - Preview/Review

I went to see it because it's packed with heavy hitters - Robert Dinero, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Topher Grace, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Sarandon, and Robin Williams. And they certainly didn't disappoint. With lots of twists and turns - even one or two unexpected ones - the film is quite funny. But it also manages to carry some weight too.

The adopted son of a divorced couple is meeting his mom for the first time at his own wedding, his very Catholic mom from who doesn't believe in divorce and doesn't speak English. Without giving too much away, suffice it to say that everyone is quite entangled with one another, including the family of the bride to be and there are some messy familial relationships that beg resolving.

But, as you might expect, all's well that ends well.

I wasn't too thrilled when one character announces that she's sexually interested in women, calling her desire a fetish. It makes being a lesbian or being bisexual sound naughty or taboo. Not really what we need right now. I know the definition of fetish, and I suppose she could simply be implying obsession. Still, I think a better word could have been chosen.

Regardless, The Big Wedding is definitely worth checking out. I don't see any Oscars in its future. But I can certainly see it gaining a permanent place on the don't miss romcom/dramedy shelf.

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